Welcome to The Lilac Grove.. Or ‘Duncan Richardson the man with the Hedgehogs’ :-) Following on from the excitement of Autumnwatch last year, I’ve been talking hedgehogs on Springwatch Unsprung, and done some filming for The Eden Channel

Have a look around the blog, there’s advice on Hedgehogs, videos and Live Cameras. You may even see a hedgehog on them from dusk onwards. For more up to date info follow me on twitter.

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Everything's Emerging

Everything's EmergingIt's getting busier here now with lots of hedgehogs appearing in the garden. The health checks will have to start now. I've already seen some returnees that I [more]

The Sun Came Out!

The Sun Came Out! The weather has changed a bit here, sunny but still chilly at night. This has prompted some changes in the garden at last.The Blue Tits have been adding dog hair (that we [more]

Warning - May Contain Beetles (And Hogs and Blue Tits)

Warning - May Contain Beetles (And Hogs and Blue Tits) Heather the Hedeghog was released back to the wild this week. I'm always filled with mixed emotions at this time, but it's why I do it, it's great to see them [more]

2 Blue Tits, Hogs and Earth Hour

2 Blue Tits, Hogs and Earth Hour The blue tits have started to build their nest in the normal nest box. But, this year something a bit different has happened. They always build in the same one that the [more]

In Limbo

In Limbo Well, spring has ground to a halt here. Cold temperatures over night have put paid to anything really changing here in the last week. Still no sign of any hedgehogs [more]

Spring is Springing

Spring is Springing Spring is officially here. I've heard a chiffchaff sing, so that's it, it's Spring! The chiffchaff made a brief appearance in the garden on Thursday and then [more]