A Litter of Hoglets

namorar com homem que tem namorada Barberà del Vallès Yesterday we picked up a litter of 5 Hoglets from Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue that we are fostering and then putting into soft release when they are big enough.

http://guardiansystemsllc.com/320-ph25842-ivermectin-for-human-worms.html One of the Hoglets is Pickle, whom Amy from Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue hand reared! They have settled into their new home well over night, although they make a bit of a mess 🙂

Waiting to go into their box


The Litter


And here they are newly housed. They all went in their new coke nest box straight away.


Thanks once again to Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue who do such great work.

Update as of 31/07/2012 – the hoglets have completed their stay in soft release and have now been released back to the wild near where they were found. Good luck lads 🙂