A Success Story

Arganzuela exchange rate pound to bitcoin Late last year we released a rescued hedgehog from Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue. Her name was Sammi.

https://davidbayang.com/3836-site-de-rencontre-entierement-gratuit-et-serieux-4296/ We had the great news this spring that she made it through winter, she appeared in the garden on 8th of April. She was doing really well.

She comes in the garden every night, but started to seem a bit huffy and would go for a sleep in one of the boxes for a couple of hours every night, she also became rather large, could she be pregnant?

Then she disappeared for a week or two and we didn't see her…

Then she returned……

Then last week I heard a rustle, scanned the garden and there was a hoglet! Further away in the undergrowth was mum, it was Sammi! She had had babies after all, and brought them back to the garden!

This is Cecelia, a little female

Then the next night here was another!

Meet Cecil, obviously a boy!

Not the greatest photos (taken with iPhone) but I didn't want to disturb them too long. A quick weigh and check before being put back with mum.

I think this is proof that the hard work all the hedgehog carers do really does work and that a rescued and rehabilitated hedgehog can be successful back in the wild.

Thanks again to Amy of Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue for all the great work she does (and all the other carers out there).