A Tale of 2 Nests

http://meyahsl.com/303-mifepristone-and-misoprostol-dose-price-69494/ Things have taking an exciting turn. Not only have the blue tits started incubating, but a blackbird has built a nest and laid 4 eggs so far and is incubating them. I managed to get a cam on the blackbird nest whilst she was building so you can see her on the live cams.

You can see the eggs

http://khosrojerdiart.com/94915-beacita-capsules-buy-online-66986/ This is a compilation video of her building the nest

The blue tit has now laid a total of 11 eggs and is busy incubating them

Some video of her on the nest. Some lovely food passes

The insect houses have been busy when the sun comes out. The bee tubes have been swarming with the mason bees hatching out from last years nest building.

This is a male, you can tell by the moustache. I presume males hatch first so they can wait for the females!

Moth trapping has been a bit inconsistent so far this week. Only 2 new for the year.


Swallow Prominent

Hedeghog numbers are really picking up now, with at least one hedeghog in the garden all through the night. I think there has been at least 10 individuals now.

Hopefully I'll get an extra post out this week too about some stuff I've been working on.

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