A Week of Clouds, Meteors and the ISS

dating i stokke What a great week for Astronomy! The Perseid shower reached it’s peak, unfortunately it was cloudy for most of it, but we did get the last day and some great views. The ISS has made several passes and tonight I finally got some good shots. The cloud formations we have had with the weather have also been amazing.

Tonight’s ISS Pass – 21/08/11

ISS Pass
ISS Pass
ISS Pass Over House
ISS Pass Behind The Cherry Tree

ISS Pass 19/08/11 – Unfortunately quite cloudy but it is quite dramatic

ISS Pass

Perseid – 14/08/11


The Plough

The Plough

Cloudy Night at the Peak of the Perseid Showers – No chance of seeing them

Night Clouds

The Clouds gave some great views, got this shot of a rainbow on the edge of a cloud

Rainbow Around A Cloud