Another Nest and Some Hawks

site lycée gay lussac chauny The Robin has definitely decided to nest again! A day or two after the chicks fledged, she came and pulled out some of the old nest, and then made another cup. I wasn't sure that she would nest again so late and in the same place but then on Friday, she seemed to sit tight. Surprisingly there are 4 eggs and she is incubating full time again!

rencontre finistere gratuit tumidly The hedgehogs continue to visit regularly, with at least one in the garden all through the night. Still not sure where they are spending the day though.

One of the side benefits of letting the garden grow wild (more on this another time) is the increase in the insects, and most noticeably the moths. So far this year we have recorded 3 hawkmoths that we have never had before.

The latest of these is the wonderful Small Elephant

We've also had the Elephant Hawkmoth this week

You can see here why one is the Small!

Another new one for the garden is the Alder Kitten

We've also had a Cinnabar visit, we haven't had one in the garden since 2006!

Green Silver Lines

Swallowtail Moth

Two shades of Lobster Moth. I would love to find the catapillars of these.

The face really reminds me of Highland Cattle! Furry!

Female Ghost Moth

Now, who said moths were brown and boring!

There's also been a lot of ladybirds around, with the first sighting of 14 spot here. This leaf appeared to be quite popular for 'certain' ladybird activities!

The weather looks good for the rest of the week, so hopefully some more nice new insects!
One last reminder, in this lovely hot weather, please put out some fresh water for hedgehogs and other wildlife, it can be a life saver!




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