Feels like Spring

Mayfield Heights abertura namoro First off, apologies for the lack of blogs, a mixture of hospital tests and a new puppy have curtailed time available.

Well to day really felt like spring sprung. The sun was out, and everything is bursting, 1st bluebells, buds bursting and lots of buzzing.

A Ruby Tiger Moth caterpillar had got itself tangled in a spider web so I set it free

Wooly Bear

The ivy was busy with this Eristalis pertenax

Eristalis Pertenax

And as I was photographing the hoverfly I was lucky enough to catch this Bombus hypornum emerging from the ivy, I guess it was coming out of hibernation.

Bombus Hypornum Emerging 1

Bombus Hypornum  Emerging 2

Bombus Hypornum Emerging 3

Bombus Hypornum Emerging 4

Bombus Hypornum Emerging 5

Bombus Hypornum Emerging 6

The Hedgehogs are all doing well, a few posts of them to come.

I have loads more posts to do, so hopefully as things calm down I can get to them all.