Filming For BBC Autumnwatch

Pereyaslav-Khmel’nyts’kyy buy bitcoin with jaxx liberty On Sunday the next phase of the BBC Autumnwatch shoot took place. The crew came down first to set up and do some preliminary shots around the garden. I must admit I was feeling quite nervous, but that soon disappeared after it all got underway.

asian club lyon Mongolia The garden was a tad muddy after all the rain, hope he managed to make it look good!

He had a very nice camera!

Then after that the excitement really began. Martin Hughes-Games came a bit later. He introduced himself, didn't really need to 🙂 What a really lovely bloke! Even nicer than he appears on TV. We started chatting straight away and I immediately felt comfortable and all the nerves had gone. He explained what we were going to do and really couldn't believe we had so many hedgehogs, he was very excited. I showed him round the garden, the crew had to stop us so they could do some intro bits with Martin first and also to save some of the showing around for on film.

They went off to the side garden to do the bits to camera. To my surprise a small crowd gathered to see what was happening. I met some neighbours who I had never spoken to before, so that was really nice. They had to stop quite often for passing cars so it took a while.

Martin Hughes-Games is outside my house!

The crew, Shaun, Paul and the producer Natasha

Then it was my turn! First to get miked up, this is the radio mike I had on

I then took Martin on a tour of the garden and showed him all the different things I do for the hogs. We discussed how I mark and weigh them and how it all came about, you'll just have to watch to find out! This being a housing estate we had to have a few retakes for passing cars and general noise, the best interruption was an ice-cream van, a first for Martin!

Martin then did a few more bits to camera about what to look for before it became dark

Then into the house to wait for hedgehogs. I showed him all the cameras I have and we sat by the monitors and waited! A little wood mouse kept popping out to keep us entertained.

This is one of the lights in the front room

Then the hedgehogs started to arrive (thankfully), now to get one and move to the kitchen.

We had some fun trying to catch them at first, but Martin soon got the hang of it.

Here's one of the hogs (who wouldn't play ball)

I marked them and showed them what I did, it got quite busy for a while. Martin did a closing piece to camera and then it was time to pack up. Some more surprises and funnies happened along the way but I don't want to give too much away as I don't know what they will use. You'll have to watch and also check back here to find out!

It was a fantastic day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to thank the whole team for making it so much fun. I just can't wait to see it now. The show airs at the end of October but I don't know which show it will be on yet. I will let you all know, and then check back after the show for some more stuff!