Marseille 02 simpatia para pessoa amada pedir em namoro The blue tits have left! Tuesday lunch time they decided it was time to go. Not the most successful fledging I've seen but they all made it out and to safety. Some fluttered, some dropped like stones, one even had to be helped from the pond when it realised it wasn't a duck! I've heard them calling from from the woods behind us, but I haven't seen them since, hopefully the parents will bring them back to the garden soon.

all free casino slots Bang Ban It was looking cramped

Some videos of them going

I also set the camera up to take pics automatically of them leaving

First look at the world

Parent tempting a chick out


Should I stay or should I go?


Nothing to look at here, all under control

This one needed a close eye kept on it, didn't want magpies or cats to grab it. Also had to save it from the pond

And then there were none

Good luck little ones!

The robin nest has been progressing well, it's hard to believe how much they've grown, we can now see them on the cams

The hedgehogs are visiting in numbers with new ones being seen quite often


The weekend was spent bioblitzing the garden, lots of species found, but not all ID'd yet. That will have to wait for another post.

Finally, we had two spectacular new moths to the garden

Eyed Hawkmoth

Lime hawkmoth

What else can you say but wow!!!


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