Frogspawn and Still Waiting for Hogs

derniere nouvelle machine a sous gratuite metallically It's been a relatively quiet week here, the rain has continued to fall, but spring is just round the corner.

The frogs have been croaking very loudly at night and have started laying some spawn

The slightly warmer weather still hasn't brought out any more hedgehogs. To check whether any of the hibernating hedgehogs emerge from their boxes I have put some crumpled up newspaper in the entrance, this will let me know when they leave. If you use twigs etc they can easily be removed by birds etc.

The moth trapping has been continuing when the weather has been favourable, with more moths flying and some new ones.

March Moth

Hebrew Character

Common Quaker

Chestnut and Common Quaker


Pale Brindled Beauty

Whilst photographing the Pale Brindled Beauty I noticed the pale 'eyebrows'

This brings the total up to 8 moth species this year so far.

Not being able to get out so much has given me some time to work on some other nature projects, and to think of some more! More on the progress of these in coming weeks!