Garden Bioblitz 2012 – Part 1

how to send bitcoin with paper wallet Lillerød Over the weekend of the 21-22nd July I took part in a 24 hour Garden Bioblitz. The mission – to find, identify and catalogue everything wild in the garden. I have been quite quiet blogging recently because I’m still IDing everything! They’ve extended the deadline so I’ve got some time to give an update.

rencontre photos chabeuil Oltinko’l Thankfully the weather was nice that weekend, so I set off in search of everything! I checked under and on leaves, under logs, under stones, pond dipped, got the sweep net out and took photo after photo! There are so many flying things my eyes hurt trying to get them all. Then darkness fell so out went the moth trap and the trail cam (the hedgehogs and fox turned up on cue !).

After 24 hours of searching I was ready to start IDing all the stuff. Birds, mammals and amphibians were easy, (I left fungi and wildflowers to my wife, that’s her speciality) but then the insects! I knew there were lots but HOW MANY! I sat down with my books and the web. What a task. Thankfully there are some incredibly helpful and knowledgeable people on Twitter and the iSpot website who can ID stuff from some of my really bad photos. Thanks to all of them!

I didn’t even know there were at least 25 species of earthworm or more than 30 different slugs! I’ve certainly learnt a lot very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has piqued my interest in insects even more and I have some plans of where to take it, more on that later.

If you’ve never done it, give it a go. When you start to look properly it amazing what you have been missing. I found tadpole in transition, minute froglets and when you really look at flies they are so diverse!

Here are some of the things I found. I will do a Part 2 later with the results and some better photos (roll mouse over picture for names)




























































Now all I have to do is finish IDing and get the records on iRecord. I’m looking forward to the full rollout of this event next year, hopefully I’ll be better at finding and IDing them by then! More updates to follow……