Garden Bioblitz 2012 – Part 2

shudderingly sildenafil rezeptfrei preisvergleich Everything has now been ID’d, entered and recorded! I’m really pleased with what I found and the end total was 172 species. I’m amazed what I was able to find and how much there is when you start to look. This was my first attempt at it and now I’m looking even closer all the time, wondering what every little thing is. Before I would have ignored them. Massive thanks goes to the organisers of the event, and all the lovely people on Twitter and iSpot that have helped with identification. I have so much to learn about all the insects groups, but it’s fun discovering a whole new world, I’ve caught ‘the bug’ (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Everyone should give it a go, I’m looking forward to next years event.

etre futur simple konjugation Raychikhinsk Here’s a link to the species recorded in the 24 hours – Species List

You can read Part 1 of the blog here – Part 1

Here are some of the highlights –

A Harlequin ladybird larva being parasitised by a Phorid Fly
Harlequin Ladybird, being parasitised by Phorid Fly

A leaf cutter bee flying a leaf to one of the bee tubes
Leaf Cutter Bee

Another type of leaf cutter bee cutting a leaf. It turns out that the colour of the hairs on it’s bum differentiates the two types!
Leafcutter Bee

Beech woodwort fungus on one of our logs
Beech Woodwort

Bumblebee on Buddleia
Bumble Bee

An amazing Garden Spider
Garden Spider

A honeybee flying to lavender. You can see the pollen baskets on it’s legs
Honeybee in Flight

A Small Fly, amazing patterns on it’s wings
Geomysa tripunctata

A small Bacchini Species

I didn’t have to hunt for this awesome Swallow Tailed Moth, it turned up on the windowsill!
Swallow Tailed Moth

The ubiquitous Dandelion picture

I thought this would be easy to ID but apparently there are 2400 species of Ichneumons!

Cecil the Hedgehog put in an appearance after dark
Cecil The Hedgehog

The foxes came overnight and I got them on the trail cam

This bee has some amazing pollen baskets
Pollen Baskets

Green Lacewing
Green Lacewing

This tadpole is developing nicely into a frog

A very tiny Varied Carpet Beetle crawling over a flower
Varied Carpet Beetle

Fly close up

Curled up in the leaf of a Hazel was this Pine Ladybird
Pine Ladybird

A Harlequin pupa, looks like something out of Alien
Harlequin Pupa

A Robber Fly had caught some prey
Robber Fly with Prey

Pond dipping turned up this Cased Caddis Fly Larva
Cased Caddis Fly Larva

A Large Red Dragonfly Nymph
Large Red Damselfly Nymph

A tiny Water Beetle
Water Beetle

This is called a Snail Eating Fly!
Snail Eating Fly

One of many Weevils I found

A humongous Crane Fly. No wonder it’s called Tipula maxima
Tipula maxima

Lichen on a twig

And finally my little helper, who followed me round all day (getting in the way of course) – Doggus Painius, otherwise known as Button
Doggus Painius

You can view all the pics I’ve uploaded here – Photos

Having done this project has got me intrigued as to what else is using the garden, which leads me to an extension of the scope of my patch. I have focused on the big stuff – birds, mammals, butterflies etc, but there is so much more out there to be found. I am going to start recording, surveying and monitoring everything that uses the garden. This is a large project and is going to take years, but should be interesting to see what there is, how it changes through the seasons and over the years. The website will need some new pages! I can’t wait to see what I discover and learn (there is a lot to learn!). You never know I might get quite good at this IDing lark. Please feel free to check back to the blog regularly to follow me on my exploration and journey into this world of the unknown.