Golf and Wildlife

gay chat at bot telegram I've finally got the ball rolling on my new project. This is just a quick overview to let you know what's happening, there will be plenty more to follow!

stromectol price canada Myanmar, {Burma} My local golf course has come on board with the idea of making it more wildlife friendly. It is already a haven for wildlife with Sedge and Reed warblers nesting in the reeds in summer, and a good selection of Swans and Geese, dragonflies and butterflies too, but there is so much more that could be done. Over the comings months, and probably years, we are going to try and improve this.

The major initial push will be to turn some areas into wildflower meadows. Not only will this increase the biodiversity of the creatures on the course, it also has the benefit of hopefully decreasing the cost of maintenance to the golf club as well, a win win situation. The meeting I had on Thursday was to discuss initial plans and to identify certain areas where this would be feasible. On a walk round the course, it's amazing just how much land this covers. Although it is a balancing act finding areas where golfers aren't likely to go and flatten it whilst looking for their balls! Even though it is a great idea, care must be taken not to upset the paying public and members. Hopefully though, once they see the results, they will come on board even more.

I also will be surveying the course to identify what wildlife is actually there at the moment, should be a good case to get the trail cam out, and then show how much it increases over time. It will be interesting to see exactly what uses it!

Here are a few pics to show some of the areas that will be worked on and also some of the features that already exist. Lots of work to come, but it should be great! Got a feeling this may need it's own blog!! Now to go and draw some plans 🙂

And of course it wouldn't be a proper blog without a hedgehog reference 🙂



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