Growing Chicks, Sitting Robin and A Little Thorn

piadas de namoro engraçadas The best find of the week was spotted by my wife as it flew into the house. It turned out to be a Little Thorn, listed as nationally scarce, so a nice one to get.

The blue tits have been groing rapidly. The parents are very busy bringing in a constant stream of food. Unfortunately 2 chicks died on Saturday night, but hopefully that means the others have a better chance now.

The progress has been rapid!

I've managed to capture the parents entering the box in slo-mo

The bird table has produced some nice footage

I've also found a robin nest. She's decided to take up a box I've had up for 5 years! She has been sat on eggs since Tuesday, I have no idea how long she was sat on the eggs (6 of them) before I found her, so don't know when they will hatch.

It's been busy again with all the hedgehogs coming in and the PiTrailCam has got some nice footage

The moth trap catches have suddenly increased with a lot of new moths for the year. A great variety from the tiny to the huge!


Huge – Poplar Hawkmoth

Coxcomb Prominent – looks like a bit of wood

Pale Prominent – another bit of wood!

Pale Tussock – fluffy

Least Black Arches

Willow Beauty

White Ermine – a stunner

Chinese Character – a bird poo mimic, amazing camouflage

Scalloped Hazel

Clouded-bordered brindle – melanic form

And finally a tiny weevil, only about 3mm long but so iridescent. I still need to ID this one.

Let's see what this week brings, will the blue tits fledge? Will the robins hatch? My guess is no and yes! We'll see if I'm right next time 🙂