the price of stromectol Xunchang The weather has been pretty gruesome this week. Gales and rain, so things have been quite slow. The major news however was the hatching of the Blue Tit eggs.

Galatina carta de término de namoro à distância They hatched on Thursday and have grown very quickly!

A total of 8 hatched from what I can tell.

The video of the hatching is fascinating, you can clearly see the female eating the eggs, a valuable source of calcium!

This latest video shows how much they have grown

The weather has made it very hard work for the parents but they have done a great job so far.

The hedgehogs are spending most of the night snuffling around the garden. The other night one of the females had a suitor, she didn't seem very impressed!

There have also been a few more raspberry pi experiments. I've been trying to capture some slo-mo, but not totally successful so far

Let's hope this week is a bit kinder with the weather!

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