Mirandola rencontre sexe gratuit perpignan It appears to have been a week of hatching here.

https://shmc.be/79461-site-de-rencontre-tomber-en-amour-74323/ The Robin eggs have hatched! They appeared to hatch on Friday. Not sure how many there are yet though, it's quite difficult to tell from the photo. It looks like there are at least 3 to me.

The Eyed hawkmoth eggs have also hatched so I've added some cut up willow leaves for them to munch on. They are very small at the moment but show their spikes quite well.

The garden has been buzzing with insects, with lots to ID. This leafcutter bee was fascinating to watch as she sealed up one of the tubes on the bug hotel.

The cinnabar moths are still hanging around in the long grass of the no mow area

The hawthorn hedge is covered in the fine webs of the caterpillars of the hawthorn sawfly.

Obviously hedeghogs are visiting every night and I've discovered 2 new ones this week

More good news came from dad this weekend. He's got a hedgehog in his garden too! In true Richardson style it now has it's own feeding station!


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