Help Hedgehogs Hedgehogs are in serious decline. Very often people don’t really know what to do to help hedgehogs. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful info here as to what you can do to help them.

how to sell usdt on binance to gcash Treinta y Tres Gardens now play a vital role in the territory of a hedgehog. You can make your garden hedgehog friendly. Here are some tips – Hedgehogs and Gardens

Consider becoming a hedgehog champion with the PTES  – Hedgehog Street

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society also has loads of info  – BHPS

If you find an injured hedgehog, or one out during the day please contact The BHPS for advice or for your nearest carer.

Immediate things you can do to help hedgehogs in gerneral.

– Leave a gap in your fence so they access your garden

– Don’t feed bread and milk. Feed special hedgehog food, cat/dog food and mealworms

– Leave a bowl of water out for them

– Don’t use slug pellets

– Check before lighting bonfire, better still rebuild them

– Please check before strimming