Hedgehog Videos

rencontre maghreb The Collection of Hedgehog Videos from the Garden

comparatif sites de rencontre 2014 Checking out the new box

Trying to get on the ground feeder

Really fast hedgehog

Having a drink and a scratch

Hedgehog and Mouse

Hedgehog trying to go under the gate

Bit of Argy Bargy

Hedgehog under the Autumnwatch lights

Hedgehogs fighting and then a fox watches

The Beast released back to the wild

Fox and Hedgehog

Some Hog Fights

Horatio the Hedgehog in soft release

Jason the Hedgehog in soft release

Hedgehog drinking and a swimming rat

More Horatio the Hedgehog in soft release

What a hog does overnight

Hog Fight

Jason the hedgehog trying to escape

Stopped Jason getting out

Jason Climbs out of his box (hilarious!)

Jason the escaping hedgehog

Sammi released

Church building a nest

Hedgehog sleeping

Hedgehog eating

Hedgehog fights, one knocks other in the pond!

Eating, Drinking, Sleeping


Waking up – massive yawn