Hedgehogs Galore

Härnösand annonce sexe loire atlantique Busy week with hedgehogs this week. I have been weighing them to make sure they are over the 600g it is suggested they need to be to survive hibernation. We also took delivery of Church the hedgehog from Cardiff Hedgehog Ruscue who needed a release site.

namorar não é pra mim resentfully Here she is being weighed

The Weigh-In

And her first moments in the wild

A Taste of Freedom

Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue marked her with red nail varnish (true hi-tech tracking) so they can be identified, so I have been weighing and marking them now too. This has lead to quite a surprise! I thought we had 3 hedgehogs, now it appears we have 7! The biggest weighed in at 1028g

Hedgehog Pie

Whilst out in the garden I came across a little one, it only weighed 172g, so I rang Cardiff Rescue. He is a 5 week old orphan and we have named him Henry (he will be Henry The Eighth!). We took him down their and Amy showed us what they do, worming, hydrating etc, it was very interesting. She are going to look after him for a while and then we will have him back to look after overwinter.

Henry Ball

Henry the Orphan

Henry's Face

Henry Awake

The hedgehogs make an appearance on the live cams from about 15 mins after dusk until just before sunrise. They nap in our boxes but don’t stay there, hopefully they will overwinter. I suspect they sleep in the wood behind us, I may set up a cam to see if I can find where they come from.