Hogs and Moths Awakening

dejt säby North Arlington The first of the 12 rescued hoglets has woken up from her slumber, Heather is nice and healthy, just quite thirsty and hungry. It's always a relief when they finally wake up, a nerve wracking time! This has put us on heightened hogwatch for wild ones, I expect them to follow suit. Petal of course hasn't even gone to sleep! So please be on the look out and leave some food and water out for any that may visit your garden.



The increase in temperatures has also brought more moths out, with some lovely ones being found so far.

Pale Brindled Beauty


Common Quaker




Whilst searching the leaf litter for more species to add to the 1000 species challenge I found this fantastic Rove beetle, here pictured with a Springtail


Also, the last couple of nights, the frogs have started croaking. A quick check of the pond tonight resulted in 9 frogs and 2 clumps of frogspawn!

Quite a good week despite the rain and wind, hopefully things will calm down, the flooding across the country will subside and we can all look forward to spring!