It's Hedgehog Awareness Week

stromectol pris sverige I love hedgehogs! You'd probably already guessed, but it needed saying again! To celebrate the mighty spiky things and to help raise awareness of these fantastic animals and the desperate plight they are in, it's their special week. So why not do something in your garden to help them. Put a gap in your fence, add a hog box, put food out for them or leave some part of the garden scruffy. There are lots of ideas on my website here or visit The British Hedgehog Society or The PTES for more ideas.

poker city Just a reminder too, if your are mowing or strimming, please please please check for hedgehogs first. The injuries are horrendous.

I've up dated the the 2014 hedeghog gallery with some more of this years hedeghogs, still a few more awaiting photos.

They are in the garden now from dusk til dawn and it's so wonderful to see (and hear) them back.

I’m not sure that many people really listen in their gardens at night, so one of my missions this year is to try and capture all the different noises that hedgehogs make. Here’s a starter, can you tell what it’s doing?

I've caught some great footage of them too. All of these are edited, I could watch 45 mins of a hedgehog eating, but I'm not sure most people would (and YouTube may get annoyed!)

Here's a selection from this week

And of course a hedgehog pic 🙂 Heather enjoyed the article in BBC wildlife mag

All the reading made her tired

It's Hedgehog Awareness Week so go out and do something for them. Where possible, if people could open their gardens for them and stopped using slug pellets it would make such a difference! They need our help!

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