No Mow Pays Off

pfizer covid paxlovid price For the last two years I haven't being mowing, just strips so there are paths to walk around the garden. It's now really paying off with an increase in the numbers and variety of insects and wildflowers in the garden. We've had lots of new species of moths so far this year. The benefits are amazing and it looks stunning!

paxlovid price in us There are some gorgeous flowers appearing

Cinnabar Moth – now quite common in the garden, I hadn't seen one here since 2004!

We also had our first Common Blue Damselfly in the long grass

On a bug nite, the bug hotel was looking a bit ramshackled so it's had a makeover. It even has a hedgehog feeding station in the bottom! The bumblebee box is also being used by tree bumblebees!

There have been lots of bees and wasps using it.

Leafcutter bee – Megachile centuncularis

Another leafcutter bee – Megachile ligniseca

There were also some interesting solitary wasps, but I'm not sure what they are yet.

The moths have been coming thick and fast.

The best was this Blomer's Rivulet, a nationally scarce species.

The Scorched Wing was also amazing!

Small Yellow Wave

Common Emerald

Latticed Heath


We've had another Eyed Hawkmoth, and she very kindly left me some eggs. I'm going to attempt to to raise them

On other matters, the robin is still sitting tight, they should hatch this week, it must be really hot for her sitting there.

The garden is really busy with hedgehogs. In this hot weather the first thing they are doing is drinking. It just shows how important it is to put out fresh water every night.


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