Blue tit updates and Foxes

I’ve just updated the Blue Tits 2012 page with all the excitement that has happened the last week. We now have 10 chicks, all the eggs hatched. Fingers crossed for the little guys


We have 2 foxes regularly visiting the garden. They are quite distinctive. One has the top of her ears missing and the other is a bit thin and looks mangy.



Loads of photos to upload so there will be another post in a bit.

First Blue Tit Chick of 2012

At 12:30 today the first blue tit egg hatched. Have been worried about these, they were laid 3 days earlier than last year but the mum didn’t sit on them for a while. They have hatched 5 days later than last year. I assume they delayed hatching to try and avoid as much of the awful weather as possible, but I wasn’t sure they could do that.


This is a short video of it being fed shortly after attaching. The parents seem intrigued as to what it is!



Catch Up – Blue Tits, Hogs, Sky, River and others

Caught up with some photo processing, here’s a selection


Blue Tits


Horatio the hedgehog in soft release














Chaffinch with a punk hairdo


Robin coughing up a pellet

Night Sky Stuff

Orion and nebula










Hackberry Gall Wasp














Red kite














Hog, Mouse and Rat Videos

I’ve been catching up on some of the camera trap videos I have shot.

Here’s a roundup:

Horatio the hedgehog in his soft release pen.


Another of Horatio



Jason the hedgehog in soft release after the winter inside



Little Wood Mouse


Drinking hogs and swimming rats. The rat loved doing laps of the pond.



Church Returns

Church the hedgehog was the first hog we released for Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue last year.

Last night an unidentified hog appeared ion the cameras. Much to my delight it was Church. She’s doing well, had a few ticks which I had to remove (hate them) and she weighed 714g.

This is her now

This her been weighed last year









This is some video I caught of year building her nest on the cams last year. She didn’t stay there for the winter though. No idea where she went. They bury themselves so well I imagine it’s impossible to find them.


A Foxy Visitor and A New Page

I put out the trail cam down the side of the house last night to try and see where the hedgehog that appears there comes from. I had a great surprise after the pictures of cats when I saw this

Her ears seem a little strange, not sure if tips are missing or it’s just the angle of the shot.

I have put the trail cam out again tonight and some food to try and tempt it back. I’m trying dog food, peanuts and sultanas. Fingers crossed she becomes a regular.

I have also added a new page – Blue Tits 2012 – where I am going to show the story of our nesting blue tits, hopefully all the way from nest building to fledging!