A Week of Clouds, Meteors and the ISS

What a great week for Astronomy! The Perseid shower reached it’s peak, unfortunately it was cloudy for most of it, but we did get the last day and some great views. The ISS has made several passes and tonight I finally got some good shots. The cloud formations we have had with the weather have also been amazing.

Tonight’s ISS Pass – 21/08/11

ISS Pass
ISS Pass
ISS Pass Over House
ISS Pass Behind The Cherry Tree

ISS Pass 19/08/11 – Unfortunately quite cloudy but it is quite dramatic

ISS Pass

Perseid – 14/08/11


The Plough

The Plough

Cloudy Night at the Peak of the Perseid Showers – No chance of seeing them

Night Clouds

The Clouds gave some great views, got this shot of a rainbow on the edge of a cloud

Rainbow Around A Cloud

Speckled Bush Cricket

Found this guy in our bedroom in the morning, not sure how he got there. Popped him in a jar and put it outside to release him. This was at 9am, he eventually left at 4pm. It was raining so I guess he didn’t want to get wet and enjoyed the dry of the jar!

Speckled Bush Cricket

Speckled Bush Cricket (Detail)

Back to Blogging

I’ve had a bad time recently with hospital tests that have knocked me out, although I do now have a photo of the inside of my stomach! Not sure it’s for the blog though 🙂 Now it’s time to get back to blogging.

The garden has been quite busy over the last couple of weeks even though the weather has been rubbish.

The 3 hedgehogs are visiting every night, and sometimes sleeping in the hedgehog box.
Hedgehog in Lawn


More butterflies have started to appear. Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, Small Tort, Large and Small Whites, Gatekeeper and Meadow Brown.

Meadow Brown


Bird numbers and species are down but that is normal for this time of year although 4 Siskins and 5 Goldfinnches have stuck with us. The Coal Tit has returned and is looking new after it’s moult and we now have 2 Chaffinches back. Swifts have disappeared, last saw one on 1 August, but Swallows and House Martins are still regular. There are also 2 buzzards regularly hunting the area too.

Coal Tit



I think that’s everything caught up with now, let’s get to it properly.


Waiting for food, originally uploaded by TheLilacGrove.

I took the sunflower heart feeders in for a good clean today (hygiene is very important, especially as greenfinches have all but disappeared from our garden in the last 2 years). The siskins and goldfinches sat on the feeder stand impatiently waiting for them to be refilled and put back out.

https://diabetesfrees.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-glucophage/ Via Flickr:
I took the feeders in for a good clean today, the birds were very impatient waiting for them to come back #138/365

Goldfinch Fledglings

Three fledgling golfinches were being fed outside the kitchen window. I had to shoot through glass but the results aren’t too bad.

In this one you can see the sunflower hearts passing

Goldfinch feeding Fledgling Sunflower Hearts

It begged for more

Fledgling Begging

More Flapping

Fledgling Begging

You can see the goldfinch bringing up more food

Coughing Up Sunflower Hearts

You can the food in the throat of the adult in this shot

Give Me Food

Then the fledgling was sleepy

Sleepy Head

And sunbathed!

Fledgling Back