Upside Down, originally uploaded by TheLilacGrove.

The Harlequins are now out in force on the small Weeping Willow in the garden. I had some pupating larvae on time lapse and after 5 days of filming they went. Unfortunately the card had filled overnight so I missed it! I have started again with another so hopefully I will get it this time.

Slimbridge -02/07/11

An excellent day was had in WWT Slimbridge.

A couple of lifers too.

The Reed and Sedge Warblers were very accommodating and gave us some great views.

Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler


Landing on Reeds

Who's Watching Who?

The ladybird was taking a risk!

Reed Warbler & Ladybird

Living Dangerously

Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warbler

Singing Sedge Warbler

Hmm, Is This My Best Side?

At the South Lake the Spoonbill was very obliging but didn’t move much, it just slept and had the odd stretch. I haven’t mastered taking white birds yet though.

Spoonbill Yoga

Spoonbill Ballet

The Reserve was full of juveniles, Tufties, Shelducks, Swans, Goslings, Little Ringed Plovers and Bunnies!


Tufted Duckling

I missed the Ducklings diving every single time!

Water Splash

Scruff Bag

I'm NOT an Ugly Duckling

Little Ringed Plover

Little Ringed Plover Juvenile

Bunny 🙂


The Rushy brought us our first lifer of the day, the Common Tern. It is so elegant.

Common Tern

Further up at the Robbie Garnett Hide the Green Sandpipers were showing well (also the Little Ringed Plover)

Green Sandpiper

Green Sandpiper

I had never noticed that waders shut their eyes when the feed (although I suppose it makes sense)

I Need Goggles

Walking to the Middle Point was full great for butterflies:- Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Small Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell, Gatekeeper, Peacock, Brown Argus and Ringlet.

After bemoaning the lack of Raptors all day, we were about to leave the Holden Tower, when lo and behold – A Peregrine, no wait… A hobby! Lifer! No decent photos though. Then a Buzzard!

A great day all in all.

Final Shot – Black Tailed Godwits in flight

Black Tailed Godwits Flying

Leaf Cutter Bees

The leaf cutter bees have been making use of insect house

I managed to see one sealing the hole

Sealing The Nest


I’ve also noticed what I assume is the female, flicking her abdomen up and down. Presumably to attract males.

Leaf Cutter Bee
Lifting Abdomen
Push Ups?

Insect House

We put up a little Insect House box a couple of months ago and it is now seeing some action. Spiders are hiding between the canes and the bees love it.

The leaf cutter bees appear to really like the cut bamboo canes

I'll Have This One

They bask in the sun on top

Leaf Cutter Bee

And build their nest in them too

Leaf Cutter Bee Nest

Other bees are using it as well, such as this Wool Carder Bee.

Ger Off My Land!

Not sure if it’s defending the territory or building the nest, but either way it doesn’t look happy.

Wool Carder Bee Close Up