Week 11 – to 20/03/11

Another quiet week as I recover although I have started back to the Guitar Teaching. The furthest I managed to go was for a walk by the river on Saturday, and it wore me out!

Even still it has been an exciting week. Spring is really coming in fast. I have now got the next box cameras on the computer, the next step is to get the cameras to stream on the web! A new camera has gone in the next box on the house so we can now watch the blue tit sleep in there every night.  They are checking out all the nest boxes.

I’ve had a go at time lapse photography as well. Set up the Coolpix on some lettuce seeds and left it take a shot every 5 minutes. Looks quite good but I think I need contant lighting on it as the colour temperature changes. Will try again!

On the walk by the river there were a lot of Mallards in pairs, the dipper pair were feeding each other. Wrens were singing and we one Goldcrest was blasting away. Also the 1st butterfly of the year – a small tortoiseshell. Last night I put out the bat detector and we got the first bat of the year too.

Today really signalled that spring is here for me with our first Chiffchaff of the year. We are now on 90 for the year, hmm we’ve slowed down, but the operation hasn’t helped, can we still make 200?

Week 10 – 13/03/2011

It has been very quiet on the going out and about front but not quiet in the back garden. Due to the op we haven’t been anywhere so it has been garden watching.

The hedgehog has been in an out all week, frogs have been caught mating and now we have frog spawn! I have started taking photos of it everyday to check their progress.

The Siskins and Goldfinches are still here in big numbers everyday. The blue tits are checking the nest boxes and it appears that one is being slept in overnight. I am going to get a new next box cam and the USB 4 channel DVR to link them to the computer and hopefully stream them.

Today I have seen a crow and a buzzard both carrying nesting materials. Also had a Raven flying overhead.

Other good birds this week include the first sightings in the garden of House Sparrow and Coal tit for a while A nuthatch was calling and a great spotted woodpecker has been drumming away.

Hopefully get out more next week!

Week 9 – to 06/03/11

Very quiet week as I have been at home recuperating. Blue tits have been checking out the near boxes. The 2 on the garage seem to be the favourites. Hope they nest again and that I can get a camera on them.
Still have good numbers of siskins and goldfinches.
Can’t wait to get back outside properly. Another quiet week coming up though.