Week 18 – 08/05/11

What a busy week! We’ve managed to get to 125 species for the year.

On Monday we nipped up Twmbarlwn and had a small walk around Forest Drive. Lots of Wood Warbler around singing and we heard our first Grasshopper Warbler. Later on we caught sight of the Goshawk hunting. What luck! Loads of warblers around, including Whitethroat, Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler.
Wood Warbler

On Saturday we went to Slimbridge. The weather finally broke and we had lots of rain, not so great for birding but much needed. We managed to see a male Garganey which was spectacular. Once again though we missed the Terns! Lots of ducklings though!
Water off a Duck's back?

The blue tit chicks hatched on Tuesday and we now have 8 of them. They are growing fast and the parents are working overtime to feed them.
Bringing Food For Baby

We have also finally been offered an allotment. Blimey it’s overgrown and is going to take some work. We started today and spent about 4 1/2 hours there. We now have one bit almost ready to plant. Now I Ache!

The Allotment
As it started

The End of the Day
By the end of the day

I found this in the shed but don’t know what made it
Insect Nest?

The Allotment

The Allotment
We’ve just taken on a new allotment after a few years of waiting. Bit overgrown but not too bad. Loads of birds around so need to start a new location list! Let’s see what we get.