Photography Experimenting and 2 Surprises Haven’t been out birdwatching this week, just the garden, but have been playing with camera.

Östermalm canada players mobile slots I’ve been trying some timelapse photography and here are my first attempts. They’re alright but I think I need to do some more playing and experimenting.

Back to the wildlife. The garden has been intriguing. The warm weather has shown some early behaviour changes. The blue tits have paired and one is roosting in the nest box already. Bluebells are emerging in the woods, and so are daffodils.

I’ve had the trail cam in the woods just behind the house to see if there was a fox or anything else interesting. I have suspected a fox for awhile but haven’t had proof so I put it out on spec. On the second night….

Fox on Trail Cam

Wow, proof!!! Going to do some more camera trapping, see if it was a lucky capture or if it is a regular visitor.

We had another great spot last weekend. Whilst walking down by the river we were admiring 2 buzzards when all of a sudden a Goshawk hammered through the trees! Didn’t get it on film unfortunately but a nice surprise. Need to do some serious searching for it, but I think this one will be harder!