Review Of New Ark Wildlife Hedgehog House

nominally paxlovid price costco With the Hedgehogs about to start emerging the time is right to think about gardening for the wildlife, and an important thing they need is housing! I have been trying out the new  cipla okamet 500 Hedgehog House with Hinged Inspection Roof from Ark Wildlife.

I got it just at the end of the season so unfortunately nothing hibernated in it, but a few had a good check out of it. It’s now been outside in all the rain and snow so now is a good time to report on how it got on.

The box itself is quite large, plenty of space for a large hog and an entrance with a baffle to stop predators getting in. The wood is slightly thicker than others I’ve used, so should help insulation, but importantly there are some holes in the back to aid ventilation, this should make a big difference! The lid is also new, it’s made of a material called Ecosheet, which is thick and will also help insulation. The Ecosheet is made from recycled plastic so is great for the environment too, win-win 🙂

The box is very solidly made, with a green Ecosheet roof

The box is fastened with a sturdy latch

Ventilation holes at the back, should help airflow and reduce condensation

The box has feet to help rise it off the floor, there is a slight slope to avoid water collecting in it

The inside is slightly larger to give more space for more bedding to help them keep warmer. There is also a baffle to stop predators getting in

Here it is in situ

The house wasn’t available until quite late in the season, so I got it a bit too late for anything to hibernate in it, but I did get some footage of Harriet The Hedgehog checking it out

Harriet Moves In

Harriet Close Up

Hedgehog In New Box

Hedgehog Checking Out New Box

The box has stayed really dry inside throughout the horrible weather we have had this year, so it seems that the features really do work. I’m looking forward to the hedgehogs using it when they emerge from hibernation. A camera is in it so hopefully more footage to come, maybe even a nest and hoglets 🙂 I will update you on it’s performance over the coming months.

You can purchase it from Ark Wildlife . You can also buy a whole range of wildlife food and products from them.