Spring is Springing

Pleszew site de relacionamento evangelico amor em cristo Spring is officially here. I've heard a chiffchaff sing, so that's it, it's Spring! The chiffchaff made a brief appearance in the garden on Thursday and then started singing from a nearby tree!

This week has brought about the first sightings of bumblebees, hoverflies, ladybirds and a butterfly (a small tortoiseshell). Also, some rather lovely spring flowers have appeared. That being said, there still haven't been any hedgehogs in the garden yet. Given the weather, this seems quite surprising. The longer it goes on, the more I'm worried that they have been affected by the very wet weather we've had. I'm not panicking yet as the ones I've rescued that are hibernating haven't woken yet either. Last year the first hedgehog was spotted on the 19th.

Lesser Celandine



One of the blue tits was also spotted with some nesting material

The blue tit is still roosting every night

I've also had one of the live cams on the bird feeders. The birds fly in very quickly, this makes for some very strange freeze frames!

The moth trap is picking up rapidly with lots of new ones for the year, and some lifers for me as well

Early Thorn

Pale Pinion

Early Grey

Double Striped Pug

Diurnea fagella


Yellow Horned

Oak Beauty

Twin spotted quaker

Dotted Border

I've been working on my other ideas a lot this week and they are progressing quite nicely, hopefully these will be unveiled shortly.

Here's hoping the hedgehogs appear soon!!