That Was The Year That Was – 2012

rencontre tarifee quimper What a year at The Lilac Grove. Hedgehogs, Birds, Bio-blitzing and Autumnwatch!

Koszalin mon chat ne miaule plus et bave We started with some lovely views of a Bittern at Slimbridge

A new family member arrived in the shape of Button the Miniature Schnauzer

We discovered we had foxes, who now visit regularly

Hedgehogs got released back to the wild after spending the winter in the spare room
Soft Release

The Bug Hotel gets an overhaul
Bug Hotel

The Blue Tits nest again although not entirely successful, only 2 chicks fledge
Blue Tits

We learn how to monitor the river for Riverflies to check the health of the river
Riverfly Monitoring

A released hedgehog returned with Hoglets

The Garden Bio-Blitz – 24 hours to find as many species as possible in your garden, we recorded 172 species!
Part 1
Part 2

The DIY moth trap goes to work and gets some great results
DIY Moth Trap

Then it all kicked off with the filming and appearance on Autumnwatch 🙂 Wow!
Filming Autumnwatch

In all we had 28 different hedgehogs visit the garden and there are now 7 in the spare room overwintering!
Little Chris

Then to top it all of we had an amazing visitor to the garden, Waxwings!

When we were in Scotland we also managed to pick up a few lifers, including this Crested Tit

All in all an amazing year, here’s to 2013 and let’s hope its even better. I just need to get better at keeping notes, there’s so much here it’s hard to keep track!

Get out and look, it’s incredible what you can find 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone