That’s Not A Goldfinch! The goldfinch numbers have been building in the garden this week, up to 35 today. The camera was out on Tuesday trying to get shots of them remotely when I was looking in the trees waiting for them to come down. Something looked odd

Toyama ivermectin canada prescription That's not a goldfinch it's a WAXWING! Oh, not 1 but 4! The camera was on the tripod outside and the door was shut, could I get to it and the waxwings stay? As you can tell from the above, yes 🙂

These amazing birds stayed for about 20 minutes before flying off, an amazing garden tick!

After that excitement we also had some other great birds this week. A small party of long tailed tits have become quite regular now

They really are sweet little birds, like little lollipops !

The other regulars have been in too


And a lot of blackbirds all of a sudden

I've also set up a cam on the feeders and got some initial footage. Lucky enough to catch a female bullfinch and a filleting glimpse of anger long tailed tit.