The Beast Unleashed

Amesbury bet888 casino We found Beast the hedgehog on 11th of April. Although he was a healthy weight, he was in a very bad state so we rushed him to Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue where Amy has done an amazing job nursing him back to health. He was wheezing lots and it appeared he had been attacked by an animal as he had a couple of infected puncture wounds. We called him The Beast because we’ve never seen such a ‘macho’ looking hedgehog. Whilst he was there he apparently showed an enormous amount of interest in another patient called Tinkerbell, adding further fuel to his growing persona.

Simpang bob casino Whilst he was there he had made a trip to the Wildlife Watch group at Parc Slip to be shown off as part of a talk by Amy, and to met the kids. Thankfully he behaved. Heres the link to Cardiff Hedgehog Rescue’s trip report –

He has been in soft release for the last 2 weeks

He has been dying to get out, I think he is in the mood for love, so watch out lady hogs of Newport, the Beast is on the prowl!

Finally last night he was released back to the wild. I delayed release by a couple of days because of the atrocious weather we have had. First off I brought The Beast in to weigh him quickly before he was released. He weighed 1057g.

The Beast’s first few seconds of freedom

The cameras caught The Beast having his first explore. First thing – food!


Good luck laddo, come back and visit, and most importantly of all – take care out there. If you have hoglets bring them to say hello!