The Filming Commences

Antsiranana mektoub site rencontre avis Everything has got very exciting here. A tweet, a response, an email, a phone call and suddenly a BBC producer is on the way. The next day a Wildlife cameraman is camped in my garden with so much kit it is unbelievable!

chatt gay Sakura BBC Autumnwatch have been here doing a piece on all the hedgehogs that visit the garden. They wanted to film the hogs in the garden and then do a piece with me (must admit I’m feeling a bit nervous about that bit!). They have collected some of my footage that I have caught over the year but also wanted their own better quality stuff.

They sent the fantastic Hector Skevington to do the filming. He spent a total of 5 nights here filming. What a lot of amazing kit he brought, infra-red lights, an infra-red converted Canon 5D, IR video cameras and some awesome lenses.

Infra-red lighting rig set-up









On the Friday we had 2 cameramen. Hector brought Joe Charlesworth with him. Joe is the remote camera specialist on Autumn/Springwatch. Joe set-up a remote controlled camera in one part of the garden and operated it from the car. He was able to pan, tilt and zoom and got some amazing footage.

Joe in command of USS Enterprise (his car)







The Cannonball camera remotely operated from the car








An iPhone pic of the on screen hedgehog






The other purpose of that night was to try and get the hedgehogs in colour. They rigged up approx 2000 watts of lighting by the pond. The garden looked like a Fairy Grotto! I had my doubts that the hedgehogs would show, but they tried anyway









All Hector had to do then was wait and hope








At about 11.30pm, his patience paid off and a hog duly appeared! He got the shot!

There was also a cable cam at the bottom of the garden to get a shot of the hogs moving through the garden. This was controlled via some more remote kit







Hector checking it’s working









After 5 days of filming and hopefully some amazing footage it was time to pack it all up and leave.









Hector was pleased it all fitted!







I’m sorry to see him go. He was great and it was really interesting to see how it was all done. He shot loads of footage, I feel sorry for the editors who now have to cut it down! The plan is to have a 5 minute segment. It’s incredible how much time and effort is taken into putting together a piece that long.

Thankfully the weather held for most of the shooting and the hedgehogs were very obliging and showed up every night on cue, even with all the goings on in the garden. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the big TV screen when it’s finished.

Next up, my turn! A camera crew is coming this weekend to do my bits and I get to meet Martin Hughes-Games!