The Sun Came Out!

casino bingo no deposit bonus codes Fethiye The weather has changed a bit here, sunny but still chilly at night. This has prompted some changes in the garden at last.

The Blue Tits have been adding dog hair (that we leave out especially) to their nest and are still roosting together. The male has occasionally brought the female food

Hedgehogs have started to appear quite regularly now and I've got some nice footage from my experimental trail cam. Quite a few animals eat the hedgehog food I put out!

The Foxes are still coming regularly and there at least 3. Watch out for the magpies at the end of the video!

Cold nights and clear skies have meant few moths, but still some new for the year

Blossom Underwing

Brindled Beauty

Plume Moth

I spent some time in the garden on Sunday and tried to photo the hoverflies and bees, some successes, some not so!


I'm still to ID these

There were lots of bees around the flowers too. They really are stunning!

Andrena haemorrhoa

Andrena carantonica

Some of these may be the above species but I'm still to ID them!

You may remember I posted a photo last week about the sexton beetle with the mites. These are apparently Poecilochirus carabi

I best get on trying to ID the rest of these then 🙂