Week 6 – to 13/02/11

https://www.dietasecabarriga.com.br/1646-dpt78828-namorar-gaucho.html A busy week in the garden. We’ve had a flock of 50 siskins, a greenfinch (the have vanished for ages) and our first Sparrow this year.

play poker online for fun Aarschot Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. blue tits are checking out the nestboxes, the hawthorn is breaking it’s buds and the grass is looking a little bit greener.

On Saturday we went to Gigrin Farm to see the Red Kite feed. We pre-booked the gateway hide and we had it to ourselves. The weather was perfect, sunny with a few clouds, we were lucky because on Friday and Sunday it rained a lot.  The feed was amazing. A couple of Red Kites were hanging around when we got there with some crows, ravens and rooks. As soon as the tractor turned up the Kites appeared from nowhere. The farmer shovelled the meat over the field and the corvids were in first, then the Kites swooped in and the corvids would get out of the way very quickly.There were about 300 Red Kites altogether, what a show. There seemed to be a “pecking” order and the kites would swoop down in waves. They would move off and then others would come in. All in all we stayed about 2 hours, well worth the money and I would definitely go back.

Between us we took about 1000 photos so that is going to take some sorting before I get some on flickr. A first look has shown some amazing shots so I am happy!