Week 8 – to 27/02/2011

ivermectin dose for chicken mites Not a good week for bird watching. The operation went worse than expected and I ended up being moved to the Heath in Cardiff for a 2nd operation. Finally got home on Saturday.
Bec has been watching the garden and there have been good numbers of goldfinches and siskins.
In the Heath I was near the window and there were lots of gulls and feral pigeons on the hospital roof. The gulls would sit on the air outlets, presumably warm. They were collecting nest material and displaying so I assume the roof will be full of babies.
The highlight though was seeing all the birds fly up and a peregrine come hammering through them. It didn’t catch anything but flew around for a while.
After 2 ops I am fairly low so I don’t think there will be much birdwatching this week either. Still hope to see interesting stuff though!